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Wyatt publishes a bi-weekly newsletter crafted from the best and most interesting things going in in technology, business, economics, culture and the world around us. He packages that up with some custom art and a little commentary and delivers it every other Tuesday. On top of that there are occasional bonus posts about events and some engaging restacks.

A hip, futuristic middle-aged man with a full beard and head of hair, wearing stylish streetwear and glasses, possibly sunglasses, sits at his computer in a well-equipped home office. The office is modern with high-tech gadgets. He works on a black PC screen, which displays a detailed blog post. The man is intensely focused on his writing, with a calm and cool demeanor. The office has a sophisticated, contemporary feel, featuring advanced technology and sleek, dark-colored furniture.
Your author is hard at work distilling the zeitgeist.

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I distill the zeitgeist in DC.